Affordable Low Cost Web Designing India

What is it about

We believe in breathing websites. We design websites that breathe and talk. They talk to your visitors, and ensure them a most pleasant experience. Before scratching up websites, our designers listen and learn your ideas and requirements, and help you to improve. We focus on your goal, and fit the design around your goal. We build you a pleasant and effective identity online, the kind of identity that makes your business work.


As an affiliate partner, you can earn commission for referring clients to us. Commissions range from 15% to 30, respect to the nature of the work.

What we offer
We make semantically valid, search engine optimized, user friendly, accessible, unique, beautiful and most of all, pleasant web sites. Our design and development practices meet the latest trends and techniques of web development. We offer basically two types of web development.

Static Website

This is the best choice for you if your site has only a few pages such as home, about us, products, contact us etc. You should choose this option if the content of your website is not likely to change often. Examples of such websites are, websites for small business institutions, memorial websites, family website etc.

What you get : A website with 4 pages + Free hosting + 5 free updations.

What you pay: $200/ ($50 extra for each additional page, $25 for each extra updation)

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Dynamic Website
If your website needs a lot of pages, say infinite, you should choose this option. These websites includes complex server side components that make them web applications. The pages of dynamic websites are generated in real-time upon user request. An example is the search result page of Google, which is different of each query, or the pages of facebook or orkut.

What you get : A dynamic website + Free hosting.

What you pay: $500/ (there are additional charges for future modifications, but will depend upon the complexity and nature of the work)

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