Why Choose Intellwiz Hosting - 8 reasons - Best Cheap Hosting

All in One Hosting Plans

Our server supports PHP (4 and 5), ASP.NET 2.0, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails and CGI. Doesn't that sound like all in one? So what ever your platform is, you can go bindas with us.


The most responsive customer support

A big portion of our client base includes small businesses, students and non-techie people. They need clear and patient support. We have a dedicated week round support division that is composed of the most responsive support personnel.

Affordable prices

All our products and services are reasonably priced, to make sure that just about anyone can afford them.


No compromise in quality

We have a non-compromise policy when it comes to quality (of service or product). We keep a constant eye on quality, while keeping the price under the lines. We achieve this by using open source technologies instead proprietary products. Our servers run on CentOS instead of RedHat, and MySql Community edition instead of proprietary version.


Multiple payment options

We accept payments through multiple channels. You can pay us using credit cards, PayPal, e-check, DD, or Bank Transfer.


100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee, within 15 days from the purchase.


No hidden charges

We will not charge you for just about anything we do with your account. All the charges associated with the products and services are stated early. We will not charge you for helping you to create subdomains or helping with databases.


Compliance with the latest standards

Our products and services are fully compliant with the latest standards. Our servers have the latest versions of PHP, MySql and cPanel. We design websites according to the latest standards and trends. We are determined not to set you back.



We regard each of our customers as our boss.Our ultimate focus is to deliver customer the very best. Customer satisfaction is our sworn oath.